DSC_0173Hi everyone (again) haha, my name is Sasha-Lee Wade Hammond. Well I’m sitting here and wondering what to tell you so I’ll start with the basics. I’m a 22 year old final year law student, currently residing in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Many people ask me why Law?  Anyone who knows me well finds this amusing because I’m so big on human rights and my mouth is even bigger when it comes to having my opinion haha! So I would say it chose me. I absolutely love animals and would do anything for them. I’m obsessed with food, it feeds my tummy as well as my soul. A few people have asked me what the necklace is that I never take off; it’s Saint Christopher my protector and Saint Jude of the impossible, for those who were curious. My favourite quote which so many of you have heard me say is, “what’s meant for you, shall not pass you by” which I firmly believe in. I’m aspiring to have a successful law career so that I can have the means to live my dream, which is to open a sanctuary for neglected and abused animals, whether wildlife or domestic. If I’m ever moody, just feed me pizza haha or let me pet your dog. If I’m not studying, I’m at the beach, hiking, adventuring in my new city and its surroundings or finding amazing eating spots. I’m very philosophical about looking back on one’s life and being thankful for everything that’s happened because I would not be who I am today without it. There are two life events I would like to share with you which I think are important.

The first would be my schooling career, I have always been different and was constantly bullied for it. I used to be accused for speaking and acting “white”, which used to frustrate me as I come from a mixed family and there was never a fixed identity regarding race or culture. Some days I felt threatened and sceptical to walk anywhere alone. We moved around a few times so nothing really stuck. My parents let my brother and I find our own identity and I rather liked who I was, so one day I decided to continue on my path and no matter what, be myself. I’m happy I did because I have not seen or spoken to those people since high school which just shows how insignificant they actually were. So to the lovely person reading this, please always be yourself. You are beautiful and perfect by being YOU.

The second would be obsessions about my body, this came in University where boys started noticing me more. I got really into gyming, some days I would even go twice a day because the males I was dating during that period of my life, used to gym and made me feel like I could not date them unless I gymed, or my body was not good enough on its own and sadly this continued for a while, everything from my breasts not being big enough to abs taking forever to show. And again one day I decided screw it, I’m not doing it for myself and therefore it has no value for my life. So I started doing things that I actually enjoyed, like jogging with my dog or hiking outdoors in nature which I love etc, but very importantly, choosing to spend my time on someone worth it. So what I actually want to say here is; if you are doing something whether it be gyming, a diet, or a hobby etc, make sure that you are doing it for yourself and not to please another person. Life is too short to waste it on anything you do not enjoy and also on people who no longer belong there.

I’d like to leave you with something I read recently, “nudity empowers some and modesty empowers some. Different things empower different people, and it is not your place to tell them which one it is.” Too many people are judgemental in our modern society, let people share what they want to share and be who they want to be!

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the username @sashiehammond , you are all welcome to follow me on my journey.

Photographer: Kharla Rose – Shoot: August 2015

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Photographer: Kharla Rose – Shoot: March 2016

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Lots of love,

Sash x.