Hottie of the Month: March – Elzaan Swartz

Hobbies: My hobbies are to improve my make up skills, to take part in modelling competitions, Dancing which is my talent, to explore and keep fit. Likes: I like a lot of things but I will name a few. I like hanging out with Read more


Hottie of the Month: February – Azola Mayeza

Hobbies: Running/Jogging, Hiking, Gym, Chilling at the beach. Likes: I’m a person who steps out of my comfort zone as I believe one should always open themselves up to new experiences and views of the diversity in this world.which is why I Read more

Hottie of the Month: January – Ellie Majesty

Hobbies: Weightlifting, fishing and traveling.   Likes: Animals, books, sushi.   Dislikes: Jealousy, dishonesty, unfaithfulness and mint chocolate.   If there was only one sport you could do, as well as watch, what would it be?  Synchronized swimming, figure skating or artistic gymnastics. Read more

Hottie of the Month: October – Jessica Lourens

Hobbies: My hobbies include spending time with my animals, working on my personal fitness goals, baking, visiting the shooting range and swimming. Likes: I like confident people that set goals for themselves. Striving to better myself everyday and inspire others Read more