McLaren chooses Big data to boost performance to super(car) levels

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With an increase in power, comes enhanced performance. For SAP Africa and McLaren, this single phrase translates into two distinct meanings. For McLaren it means more power under the bonnet to rocket their supercars forward faster and for SAP, it is about speedily tapping the best analytics from big data, thereby unlocking its power and true potential.  

Both of these definitions come to an exciting head every other weekend as McLaren and SAP have joined forces for the 2014 Formula 1 season. SAP is a Partner of the McLaren Group, which sees the company implementing its solutions into the Formula 1 cars of both former world champion Jenson Button and sensational Grand Prix rookie Kevin Magnussen.

Sensors placed on both cars send vital information to the team in the garage, allowing the team to monitor the performance and ‘health’ of each vehicle. Around 1.5 GB of data is collected from each car over a race and more than a whopping 3 Terabytes (10 GB per car over a race weekend) of data is generated during a three day race weekend.

“SAP solutions such as HANA allows for such data to be searched and aggregated in record time.  Decisions will now not only be more informed as there is no need to predefine calculations, but will also be taken quicker and with faster access to better information. McLaren will be able to draw on years of data to make quick comparisons and solve problems faster and ensure it has data driven design. This will help avoid costly inefficient design processes and focus on future race winning designs,” says Manoj Bhoola, head of D&T and Mobility at SAP Africa.

Stunning supercars race through gorgeous SA locals

On the local racing front, the two companies have also partnered up for the ultimate supercar road trip – the 2014 Rogue Rally – taking place between 21 and 27 September. This year’s event sees participants travelling from Sandton to Cape Town, on an epic 2 800 km trip. During this trip, the drivers will get to take in some magnificent South African landscapes and participate in seven gruelling events that will test their endurance levels and driving skills.

Some of these events include Track Day Aldo Scribante Race Circuit in Port Elizabeth, Monte Carlo Style Night Street Race at the Port Elizabeth Waterfront, Hill Climb event in Knysna, and High Speed Runs at Langebaan Airforce Base.

South Africans have a shot at winning a VIP ticket to the race day at Kyalami race track on 11 October to see the McLaren latest and greatest supercar – the McLaren P1 – in action. Not only will it be the first time the P1 is on the track in SA but MP4-12C and 650s owners will also be enjoying the full performance of their vehicles on the track – making this the largest number of McLaren’s in one place at one time.

To enter, simply snap a photo of one of the supercars in the 2014 Rogue Rally and post it to Twitter while tagging @SAPGearsUp.


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