Kovsies, NWU, UJ, UCT, TUKS, Maties, VUT and the Madibaz are ready to showcase their talent.

Varsity Netball  match between  Tuks  and Kovsies at Tukkies. Pretoria, South Africa, 22 September 2013

Varsity Netball, South Africa’s top intervarsity netball tournament, gets off to a cracking start on Sunday, 14th September 2014 at the Callie Human Centre in Bloemfontein; SANDF Kopanelo Hall in NWU in Potchefstroom; UJ Soweto Sports Hall in Johannesburg and the UCT Sports Centre in Cape Town. The six-week long tournament features eight of South Africa’s best netball-playing varsities.


Last year was an incredible year for both netball in South Africa and Varsity Netball. Our national team beat the world number three, England, at the Netball Tri-Nations in Port Elizabeth, and went on to win the Africa Championships in Malawi. These sterling achievements have ensured that netball in South Africa keeps climbing the popularity stakes amongst both players and fans.


“Netball is the fastest growing women’s sport in South Africa”, says Duitser Bosman, CEO of Varsity Sports.” South Africa will without a doubt be the Top 3 in the world in years to come. Our minister is embracing Varsity Netball and Netball as a whole, leading to the growth of this sport in our country.”


Last year, the Varsity Netball tournament trophy went to Kovsies after a gruelling final against North West University. The nail-biting final was the NWU-Pukke’s only defeat in the tournament. Special mention must be made of Dumisani Chauke, who was selected to join the Spar Proteas in a Diamond Challenge league event. Other notable players included Melissa Myburgh, Adele Niemand, Karla Mostert and Maryka Holtzhausen. Ané Botha was awarded both the Players’ Player and Player of the Series for Varsity Netball in 2013.


This year’s Netball fixtures will include the exciting Power Play which is accompanied by fast paced music and exhilarated fans. The games will also include DJ’s, MC’s, Cheerleaders, mascots, sponsor giveaways, smoke machines, laser lights and much more.


If you cannot make it to the game each Monday evening, then be sure to catch it live on SuperSport Channel 208 or 210. Games start between 15:45 and 17:15.


Operating across a number of different sports codes in South Africa, the Varsity Sports brand remains committed to changing the lives of others through the power of sport. We believe that by bringing sport and entertainment together, we can offer athletes, players, fans and general supporters a compelling reason to support the development of intervarsity sport in this country.


“Varsity Netball is a hotbed of thriving young sports talent in South Africa, and coaches, administrators and anyone with influence in the world of netball will be watching our players closely during the tournament,” says Duitser Bosman, CEO of Varsity Sports.


Varsity Sports events are renowned as much for their mettle as they are for their showmanship, with flashy cheerleaders, pyrotechnics, thumping music and vocal fans. The concept is that of a playground, where the best players can test themselves against their peers. Market-leading brands sponsor the platform, with Samsung, FNB, Cell C, Legit and Wimpy as the lead netball sponsors.


Duitser Bosman, CEO of Varsity Sports adds that, “Varsity Sports is seeing many promising sportsmen and -women successfully compete at its events and gain the attention they deserve, whilst achieving academic excellence.”


Carrying a five-year exclusive broadcast agreement with SuperSport, the Varsity Netball tournament is aired each Monday night on Channel 210. This allows you to keep up with the very latest developments in the performances of the participating teams. Join us as eight of our top netball-loving varsities battle it out for top honours at this year’s tournament.


The programme follows:

Date Day Time Game Team 1 Team 2 Venue TV
14-Sep Sunday 17:15 1 Kovsies Tuks Kovsies
15:45 2 NWU Puk Maties NWU Puk
15:45 3 UJ VUT UJ  
15:45 4 UCT NMMU UCT  
20-Sep Saturday 14:00 5 Maties Tuks NMMU / NWU Puk – 4 teams @ ea
15:15 6 NMMU VUT
14:00 7 Kovsies UCT
15:15 8 NWU Puk UJ
21-Sep Sunday 15:45 9 Tuks VUT NMMU / NWU Puk – 4 teams @ ea
17:15 10 NMMU Maties
15:45 11 NWU Puk UCT
17:00 12 Kovsies UJ  
22-Sep Monday 17:30 13 Maties VUT NMMU / NWU Puk – 4 teams @ ea
19:00 14 NMMU Tuks
17:30 15 UCT UJ
19:00 16 NWU Puk Kovsies
29-Sep Monday 17:30 17 Kovsies NMMU Kovsies
19:00 18 Tuks UJ Tuks
18:00 19 NWU Puk VUT NWU Puk
18:00 20 Maties UCT Maties
05-Oct Sunday 13:15 21 Kovsies Maties UJ – all 8 teams  
14:30 22 UJ NMMU
15:45 23 VUT UCT
17:15 24 Tuks NWU Puk
06-Oct Monday 15:00 25 Kovsies VUT UJ – all 8 teams  
16:15 26 Tuks UCT  
17:30 27 NWU Puk NMMU
19:00 28 UJ Maties
13-Oct Monday 17:30 29 2nd on log 3rd on log 2nd on log
18:45 30 1st on log 4th on log 1st on log
20-Oct Monday 18:45 31 Winner 2 &3 Winner 1 & 4 Top of log

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