Hottie of the Month: September – Ashley Burke

A new month starts, and with it, it’s time to bring you another hottie here on SA Sports Blog, and with the bombshell we have for you this month, we can guarantee it will be a September to remember!


Hobbies: Being active, hiking, anything keeping me outdoors! Working on my fitness 💪💪

Likes: Traveling. Meeting new people. Going on adventures! Making people laugh!

Dislikes: Vegetables 😝


If there was only one sport you could do, as well as watch, what would it be?

I’d have to say football! I’m such a fan of the sport! I may have to take it easy on the guys, but it would be fun!


What are your earliest memories involving sport that you can remember? One good and one bad 🙂

Playing Softball as a kid and getting smacked dead in the face with the ball, good or bad? You decide! Lol All of my memories from competing in cheerleading are the best!  We were always a big ball of fun and had fun with all the other competitors as well.


Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on? 😉

Shhh..Matt Ryan, I’ve always had a thing for quarterbacks!


What type of guys generally catch the attention of a beautiful woman like yourself?

Someone who’s not afraid to have some fun and doing things out of the ordinary.


If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sportsman or sportswoman, who would it be, and why?

That’s easy, Hope Solo! Who wouldn’t want to take pictures with a beautiful Olympian!


A perfect date involving a sporting event/activity would be?

Of course we would start off tailgating, at the Georgia Dome watching my Falcons play! After our victory over the Saints we would continue the celebration around town!


Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of SA Sports Blog

Rise up!!! Thanks for checking out my post! Come follow me and have some fun on Instagram.


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