Land Rover's Least Driven Path with John Smit and Chester Williams

On the fifth leg of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour, Land Rover’s Least Driven Path saw South African Rugby legends John Smit and Chester Williams reunited with the Webb Ellis Cup.


Smit, captain of the South African side that triumphed at Rugby World Cup 2007, and Williams, the star winger of the Rugby World Cup 1995 winning team, journeyed out of Cape Town to take the Trophy somewhere it has never been before and help build excitement for the tournament taking place in England next year


Reminiscing on his side’s victory over New Zealand in the 1995 Final, Chester Williams said: “The Rugby World Cup has shown over the years it is really special. It is something that everybody wants to be part of. Rugby-wise and from personal performance and experience, that was definitely the highlight of my life. Not only did we win the Rugby World Cup but we also unified the country to bring the nation together with the help of Nelson Mandela. And that’s the World Cup that we will always remember for the rest of our lives.”


Looking ahead to next year’s tournament, Land Rover Ambassador John Smit said: “The excitement builds for a Rugby World Cup in South Africa the day after the team either wins it or gets knocked out of the World Cup before. So I think what people are realising is that every single Test match that South Africa plays, it’s really just dress rehearsal. People are seeing the Trophy all around the world and realising that it’s now time to get your tickets and make sure you’re in England in 2015.”

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