Hottie of the Month: June – April Rose

Some of you might know her as the sexy dance instructor in Grown Ups 2, others as the hot bombshell on MTV’s Guy Code… Yes that’s right, this month’s Hottie is none other than the amazing April Rose!

Photo by Brian B. Hayes
Hobbies: Golf, Horseback riding
Likes: My puppy, Sharkey…he’s a Bullmastiff!
Dislikes: Spelling & Centipedes
Photo by Brian B. Hayes
If there was only one sport you could do, as well as watch, what would it be?
American football! But no one wants to watch me play, let alone have me on their team, Id so get trampled fast. If there was a doormat position maybe I’d get drafted!

Photo by Brian B. Hayes
What are your earliest memories of experiences involving sport that you can remember? One good and one bad 🙂
I played every sport you could imagine. Wasn’t afraid to try anything once. My first memory was Soccer. I was by far the fastest in the class but I didn’t know when to stop running, so eventually my body gave out and I puked! Then got right back out there, haha!

Photo by Brian B. Hayes
Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on? 😉
If I told you then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!
Photo by Brian B. Hayes
What type of guys generally catch the attention of a beautiful woman like yourself?
Confidence is always number one on the list. There is something about a man who can take charge of any situation that’s mad sexy.
Photo by Brian B. Hayes
If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sportsman or sportswoman, who would it be, and why?
UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. She’s the real deal. Her dedication to her training and sport makes her sexy the moment she wakes up.
Photo by Brian B. Hayes
A perfect date involving a sporting event/activity would be?
Do you guys tailgate in South Africa? Cause we do in America and its one of the best things. BBQ, beer, and best friends. If a guy can hang with me there then he’s the one!
Photo by Brian B. Hayes
Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of SA Sports Blog
Would love to hear from you guys on my social media sites below, let me know the best places to visit when/if I ever come to your country.

Photo by Brian B. Hayes
Want to see more of April?
Twitter: @TweetAprilRose
Instagram: @RealAprilRose




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