Direct from reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro last month, triple amputee Rajesh Durbal will be bringing his sense of courage, hope and determination to South Africa as he takes part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on March 9th.

US brand ambassador for GNC, the world’s leading health and wellness retailer that launched in South Africa last week, Durbal will be cycling the Cape Argus as part of his No Limits Freedom Tour, which has already seen him visit Tanzania.

Rajesh Durbal is an incredible testimony of faith and endurance. He was born missing bones in both legs, and his right arm only partially developed. By his first year in life, his legs were amputated and he was put in a full body cast for 3 months. After recovery, he was fitted for prosthetics, and began the slow process of learning how to walk, and eventually run.

Despite the adversity that Durbal experienced growing up, his drive to live life “amazingly” led him to question the status quo and to compete in the Iron Man triathlon in Hawaii. Through his pure passion and devotion, Durbal trained day and night to compete in the coveted competition, and after a year of training became the first amputee to complete the Iron Man challenge – finishing in 14 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds.

Through his resolve, Durbal is now one of the world’s leading practical inspirational teachers, leading millions of people to find hope and restoration in their lives. He holds strongly to the belief that everyone has the power of choice to control their actions and reactions, and with good choices, they can change any situation for the better.

“Rajesh Durbal is a truly inspirational man whose determination and commitment to overcome physical and mental challenges is remarkable,” says Sean Kristafor, General Manager of GNC South Africa. “Not only is he a brand ambassador for GNC, he is an ambassador for anyone out there that feels that they are the underdogs or that their situation is unbearable: he encourages people to live well.”

Durbal’s No Limits Freedom Tour is sponsored by GNC. The global brand offers a range of health and wellness supplements including sports nutrition, vitamins as well as slimming products, and, like Durbal, the brand promotes the message of living well.

GNC’s extensive range of world-class health and wellness products is available in over 55 countries worldwide, and is now available in all larger Clicks stores throughout South Africa. Four GNC concept stores are set to open in the country’s major centres in 2014.


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