Jonathan Kaplan says: Last chance to make rugby picks and stand in line to win R1 million cash prize!


Jonathan Kaplan issued a statement to remind all myPredictor Rugby game players that they have until tomorrow 27th February 2014 to make their rugby picks and finalize all the requirements for their entry to participate in the R1million competition. “The game is free to play, but for players who want to up the stakes a little bit higher, they can register with, the game’s primary sponsor and should a player get the 100% correct prediction as set out in the rules, the prize money will be theirs,” says Kaplan, the official brand ambassador for myPredictor.

myPredictor, which launched earlier in the month is one of the first of its kind, is free to play and offers participants the opportunity to predict the 15 teams’ positions in the log, as well as the winner and runner up, in one of the biggest sports tournaments of the year. The first installment of the myPredictor Rugby game is based on the 2014 Super 15 rugby tournament, which sees teams from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand competing against each other.

As the season progresses, participants’ scores will be tracked and published for every selection they have made on the log, bringing them closer to the top of the leaderboard and potentially the R1 million cash prize.

myPredictor’s primary sponsor is the new online sports betting website BetFlash, which is an exciting new online sports betting portal targeted towards the passionate South African sports fan.

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