Proteas problems more psychological than anything


This is a topic that has been spoken about a lot recently, but after witnessing the Proteas lose the 2nd ODI vs Pakistan live, 10 rows back on the duckpond pavilion, I just had to get my two cents out there, so here is what I think the Proteas problem is when the coloured clothing comes on.

Let me say this first, as long as the SA selectors carry on with this stupid rotation policy, and keep resting players, we will never become a good one day outfit. The Australians already proved it doesn’t work, and quite frankly we have proved it ourselves, the only difference is Australia have fixed their mistake, and do not do it anymore, we carry on with it blindly like we have no idea.

Winning is a habit, and the Proteas players are never going to get into one, because they aren’t in the team long enough to develop it. Now my plead for consistent selections has absolutely nothing to do with the age of the players, I’m not saying we must drop all the old blokes so we can pick a young side for the future that can play every game for years to come. What I am saying is if the older players are going to be picked, they need to be fine with playing EVERY game for the Proteas (with the exception of if the player has suffered an injury of course) or not get picked at all.

Another factor that was made apparent in PE, is that our struggles are as much psychological as anything else. When AB went out we were in a position where a team simply DOES NOT LOSE… EVER, but low and behold we did. All of a sudden we made stupid choices, became way to tentative for the type of position we were in, we quite simply seemed to lose belief in ourselves, and if it wasn’t for our record of being chokers I would be adamant that they fixed the match and lost on purpose, that’s how bad it was.

Consistent selection will do wonders for the teams performances, and also their mentality going into games. If they go into games having a few wins under their belts, they will feel confident not only in themselves individually, but also in the other 10 players who would have all shown they can win in the previous games, and that the team combination is a successful one. I mean for a team where it is so obvious that our psyche plays a huge role in how we perform, you would think it would be obvious that consistency would be key to our success, and I can only hope that CSA realize this sooner rather than later.

Matthew Nepgen

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