“Cam You Can” TV Series Puts Cameron van der Burgh to the Test

Cameron van der Burgh_Trapeze practice

International swimming champion, South African sporting legend and ambassador for leading hair care brand, Head & Shoulders, Cameron van der Burgh will have his confidence put to the test as he stars in a new television series, “Cam You Can”. Brought to viewers by Head & Shoulders, each episode will set challenging tasks for the Olympic gold medallist pushing his willpower to the limit. Set to launch on November 15th, the series will be aired each Wednesday just before the news at 18h30 on SABC 3.

Confidence to Get Ahead of the Game

“Cameron is the face of cool, calm and collected confidence and while we know he owns the pool, we’re testing his confidence out of the water. Filming the series has been a truly fantastic experience and we’re so excited about viewers seeing Cameron in action. When it comes to living an uninhibited life with confidence, Cameron is a living and breathing example of how to do it best,” says Jeanne du Plessis, communications manager for Head & Shoulders.

“Boosting your confidence so that you can move out of your comfort zone to the place where you can achieve more is what life is all about. It’s about tapping into your core strength, testing your limits and reaching a new level of confidence. It is for this reason that I signed up for the ‘Cam You Can’ challenge because what sets a seemingly confident approach apart, is the strategies you employ to overcome your nerves and use them to your advantage. This series and Head & Shoulders helped me put that ability to the test,” explains van der Burgh.

The Confidence You Need to Succeed

As the world’s number one selling shampoo, Head & Shoulders is associated with giving local sporting heroes the confidence they need to succeed. And so it is fitting that the leading hair care brand has produced “Cam You Can”, which is all about leaving one’s comfort zone behind and forging a new confidence. In line with this and unbeknown to Cameron, he will be participating in challenges with titles such as the Stand-Up Challenge, Two Left Feet and High Flyer. He will be mentored by well-known South African celebrities including Joe Parker, Dale Steyn and a number of others who know about pushing the boundaries when it comes to confidence.

Since 1950, Head & Shoulders has been at the forefront of scalp and hair science, significantly advancing the treatment of dandruff and leaving scalps in good condition with balanced moisture. Along with professional advice and expert insight, Head & Shoulders has a wide range of products to care for the scalp and nurture hair. The biggest benefit is visibly flake free hair allowing men and women to live life uninhibited, through a natural sense of confidence.

Tune In

To see first-hand how one of our sporting legends uses his confidence to succeed tune into SABC 3, every Wednesday, before the 18h30 news. If you miss it, be sure to visit the South African page of www.headandshoulders.com to find out where you can view each episode online. In the meantime, why not stretch your own limits. Try Head & Shoulders to give you the confidence you need to leave your comfort zone.


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