South Africa’s 1st Test batting woes

Scoring less than 500 runs in a test match is pretty bad anywhere in the world, but to do it in the UAE where the pitches offer almost nothing to the bowlers, it is down right unacceptable, especially from the no.1 test side in the world.

Now you can put this one down as rustiness, but it is something that simply can’t happen in the 2nd test.

I support the Chevrolet Warriors in the domestic circuit and with Domingo previously coaching them, I’ve followed his career very closely over the years, and during his time as Warriors coach something they always struggled with was their batting. Constantly it was left to the bowlers to win the match with the batsmen disappointing over and over again. Granted maybe we didn’t have the best batsmen during that time, but if you look at South Africa’s performances since Domingo took over, there is a disturbing amount of games where we were below par with the bat.

Domingo has got a history of coaching teams that struggle in the batting department, but the question has always been whether it was the batsmen he had available, or the way he coached the team, and now that he coaches South Africa, a team with unbelievable batting talent, under par performances simply cannot happen like in the 1st test.

Yes you could argue that Domingo really shouldn’t have much impact on the batsmen, with the experience of the side, they should know what to do without any coaching by now, however they still need to bat according to the style/gameplan the coach sets, and also their time in the nets, and the way they practice will be affected by the way the coach sets it all out.

Now I don’t know if Domingo’s coaching methods are hurting the team, and I don’t even know if he is doing anything different from Kirsten. Ultimately it is too early to tell, but we have been struggling in the batting department in all formats since Domingo took over, and if we continue to do that in test matches, eyebrows will be raised very quickly about Domingo’s ability to be a successful Proteas coach.

Matthew Nepgen

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