Super Rugby Round 16 Preview


After a horrid last round, I have had to try something new this week when making my picks, and I have come up with a set of rules, a method if you like, for making my Super Rugby picks… the rules are

  1. In a derby, whether it be SA, AUS, or NZ, the home side will always be picked.
  2. A team will never be picked if it is their first game on tour.
  3. Whenever there is a match that I am unsure about, the home team will be picked.
  4. When NZ teams go up against AUS or SA opposition, never pick the NZ team.
  5. When the KINGS play they will always be picked. (this rule trumps all the other rules, and is probably the one rule nobody else should listen to, as I have this rule only because I am a Southern Kings supporter, so I will pick them no matter what)

So with this method in mind, my picks for this weekend are:

WARATAHS to beat Crusaders by 2

BRUMBIES to beat Hurricanes by 8

HIGHLANDERS to beat Blues by 1

REDS to beat Rebels by 10

KINGS to beat Stormers by 4

CHEETAHS to beat Bulls by 6

I’m excited to see how this method works out….. Bring on the weekend!!

Matthew Nepgen

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  1. You from the Eastern Cape? I love how people get behind the Kings. I wasn’t happy with how they got their Super Rugby status, but they’re doing better than the Lions, so who cares.

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