Time to stop this booing fiasco

32968The Southern Kings have gone under scrutiny this past week for the crowds behaviour towards booing the opposition, and I agree that it is a part of rugby that is unacceptable and needs to be stopped, I do however think its unfair to signal out the people from PE like it is the only place it is happening. I get that with all the controversy around the Kings inclusion in Super Rugby there are a lot of haters and a lot of people looking for any single thing to have a go at the Kings about, but anyone who believes that it is a problem only PE faces is delusional.

Me being an avid Kings supporter, follow all the news involving the EC team and can see many people against it, and many things being done to snuff out this booing situation as quickly as possible, we are doing more than other places in South Africa bother to do, and have at least gone public with the booing factor, and have spoken to the people, telling everyone in EP that it is a problem. So if you are reading this from Joburg, Cape Town, wherever, just know that before you have a frenzy at the booing going on at PE have a look at yourselves too. Something I would like to point out is that if you go back and watch the Kings vs Sharks match you will hear booing even when Demetri was kicking, now where does that come from? I’ll tell you where, the Sharks supporters at the stadium, so its not only the PE public that’s doing this its the whole of SA. Yes it needs to be stopped, but it should be done by the entire rugby loving country, and not just put all the blame on PE and tell us to fix it.

The Kings were only introduced into the competition this year, and we didn’t just magically come up with the idea of booing, we have to have heard it from somewhere to do it, so really signalling PE out as the culprit is incorrect on so many levels, and it is pitiful really that people who have sour grapes over our inclusi0n into Super Rugby would attack us for something their teams fans do as well.

Yes booing is a problem that PE have, and yes it needs to, and will be stopped,  but anyone who takes the moral high ground like where they are from booing doesn’t happen is delusional, because booing needs to be stopped in the whole of SA, not just PE.

Matthew Nepgen

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  1. It sounded bad in the stadium, but when I watched the game afterwards on TV, the booing was pretty average, and actually less than some stadiums in SA, which I won’t mention.

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