Hottie of the Month: March – Amber Marie

Its Hottie of the Month time again, and lets welcome this months Hottie, the beautiful Amber Marie.


Hello Amber, congratulations on being chosen as SA Sports Blog Hottie of the month for February 🙂 Before we begin, tell everyone a bit about yourself.

I am studying psychology with a specialization in mental health graduating in May. I love the gym and being outside ! I also love being with my pets 🙂


Simple question to start things off 🙂 What’s your favourite sport to play, and to watch?

favorite to play is volleyball…I’ve played for years. I love playing on the court but being outside in the sand in the summer is my ultimate favorite. I enjoy watching football more than any sport


What’s your earliest memory involving a sport experience of any sort?
I grew up on sports. I’ve done them all! Basketball, soccer, swimming, gymnastic, track, cross country, softball and even girls football!


Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on? 😉
Buster posey is absolutely adorable in my eyes 🙂 but I can’t go wrong with picking Derek jeter who is absolutely hands down the most handsome man ever!

What would a guy have to do, to catch the attention of a pretty lady like yourself?
Honestly, be yourself . Treat a woman with respect and show some class. It is a bigger turn on to be nice and be a gentleman than to be the opposite . Also, having a sense a humor is always a plus.


If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sportsman or sportswoman, who would it be and why?
This is an interesting question , umm probably Troy Aikman because he was  my boyfriends favorite player and I would do a photo shoot with him. That way my boyfriend can come on the set and meet him .

A perfect date involving some sort of sporting event/activity would be?
Volleyball on the beach or even throwing the football in the yard. I did play basketball against someone one time and if I lost I had to give him a kiss, I won but I still gave him a kiss.

Thanks for your time Amber, do you have any ‘last words’ so to speak to give to the readers?

Thank you for choosing me to represent the month of March !




Want to see more of Amber?

Twitter and Instagram  – ayyAmberMarie
Facebook fan page – Amber Marie model

Bookings – send a brief message /comment through either and I’ll give my personal email out


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