Controversial end to SBW/White Buffalo bout

boxing_whitebuffalosonnybill400The boxing bout that has been built up for months on end has ended in controversy with SBW coming out the victor on points.

A match that was scheduled to go 12 rounds was changed to 10 at the start of the 10th without any warning which was completely unjust as  it meant that while Botha was planning on a knockout before the 12th he all of a sudden had 3 minutes to KO SBW, and that’s when the controversy sparked as Williams was seconds from going down after numerous blows by the white buffalo only to be saved by the bell and a lot of not so fair hugging to waste time in the ‘last’ round, which sparked an outburst with Botha going as far as to say “that was bullshit” when referring to the decision. His coach also making it clear that they were boxing with 12 rounds in mind and not 10.


I can only hope this is rectified with a rematch between the two some time in the future so that it can be settled who the winner really was, because while SBW won the boxing match, White Buffalo won the fight.


Here’s what others on twitter thought about the bout, and the decision to end after round 10.



Would love to hear from you the readers what your thoughts are on the matter, I personally think its all a load of rubbish, and if we don’t get a rematch I will be extremely upset.

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