Hottie of the Month: January – Charlotte Holm

Hello readers, this year their will be a new feature added to the blog, titled ‘SA Sports Blog Hottie of the Month’ every month there will be a spread with a beautiful woman on it answering a few questions I have chosen for her (sports related of course) and I can’t think of a better person to get it all started than January’s Hottie of the month, the gorgeous Charlotte Lynn Holm all the way from Victoria, BC, in Canada .


Simple question to start things off 🙂 What’s your favourite sport to play, and to watch?

My favourite sport to watch is definitely football, but soccer to play for sure.


What’s your earliest memory involving a sport experience of any sort?

I started with sports at a very young age, but my best memory was when I landed a round-off, back handspring on a balance beam when I was 11.


Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on? 😉

Jacoby Ford, but that’s not a secret 😉


What would a guy have to do, to catch the attention of a pretty lady like yourself?

To get my attention you need to be very outgoing, funny and have a good style.


If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sportsman or sportswoman, who would it be and why?

Jacoby Ford of course, and why? Because he’s so handsome, haha.


A perfect date involving some sort of sporting event/activity would be?

Going to a football game.. Super bowl anyone?

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Want to see more of Charlotte?

Instagram – Chaarlotteholm

Twitter – @c_holm


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