Summertime. Cricket. Bliss.

newlands_380_285_80The suns out to welcome everyone here in Cape Town, a happy new year ahead of the Test series starting tomorrow between SA and NZ. I am going to be fortunate enough to attend both test matches live, and I am anticipating a very good time, because unlike in previous years we (SA) are playing a team that we really should have no trouble mopping the floor with. They’re a depleted team, and even at full strength are miles behind the Proteas team in class.

So this being said, going into the 2 test series I feel a sense of calmness unlike in previous years where we’ve had extremely tough competition, this year I can go to the cricket, have a few beers, and not be on the edge of my seat 24/7 worrying about us losing a wicket, or a partnership being formed by the opposing team, because I have confidence in my team, the number 1 team in the world, to do the job and therefore, I have absolutely no worries for this upcoming series vs New Zealand. SA to take it 2-0.

So a couple of weeks of relaxation, sun, beer, and the ultimate form of this beautiful game…. Yeah life’s looking pretty good from where I’m sitting right now.

I just want to end this article by saying a quick thanks to all my readers that have helped my blog to grow in 2012. I can’t do it without you, and I wish you all a happy new year and a prosperous 2013.

Matthew Nepgen




  1. Winter time. No cricket. Screwed.
    Thats how we roll up here 🙂 But not to be negative I must say I enjoy you tweeting pics from live cricket, always cheers me up a bit .)

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