Rain, rain, go away

129452I’ve been an avid fan of cricket for many years now, I’ve had moments of jubilation and moments of heartbreak, but one thing that really ticks me off about this sport is how mother nature has such a big say in proceedings.

In all other sports it takes life threatening conditions before they call off a match, yet in cricket just a few drops of rain and the umpires take the players off. Not only that but then there’s the hours and hours of waiting and hoping that the rain will subside and we might get a game in. The problem however with that is that then the game has usually been messed around by D/L to the point where its pointless to even continue with the game.

I personally consider the Duckworth Lewis system a load of rubbish, and think it should be scrapped immediately! So many games I’ve watched where a team has been robbed of a possible victory all because of the D/L method, and I feel its not a fair reflection on the proceedings of how matches go anymore.

You see big games ruined by rain, take the final of the MODC for example, the first day Lions had the final in the bag and then rained ruined it, then on the reserve day Cobras were in the ascendency when rain came and ended their chances, and ended things with the trophy being shared between the two teams. Shared? Really? You play matches upon matches for almost a month to reach the final only to not be able to play the final and to share the trophy. Utter nonsense if you ask me.

So what do I propose you ask? INDOOR STADIUMS! Actually let me rephrase that, I simply want cricket stadiums with a roof for if rain is predicted, it would solve all the problems of mother nature’s interference in matches, and also in the groundsman’s preparations in getting a pitch ready, as you often hear announcers saying how the groundsman didn’t have enough time to prepare the pitch as the weather wouldn’t let up, so I see positives, positives, and more positives in indoor cricket stadiums, don’t you?

Matthew Nepgen


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