WINNERS in every sense of the word


I remember the morning very clearly, 1:30am and my alarm sounded for day 5 of the 2nd Test between OZ and SA. I lay in bed thinking, “is it even worth getting up for this?” 4 down needing to bat out an entire day in what seemed a helpless situation, we had been on the back foot the entire series, and the defeat felt inevitable.

In the end I decided that well I was already awake, and it will probably be over before lunch and then I can go back to bed, so I decided to watch, and thank heavens I did. A morning that started with no hope, and even less enthusiasm, ended in nothing short of the best day of Test cricket I have ever witnessed. I still keep typing “SA WIN” rather than “SA DRAW” because that’s how it feels, it was a day I will remember until I die, and to think I almost never even woke up for it.

So when SA went into the 3rd test with the series deadlocked you can imagine how upbeat I was, and that never changed as for once this series we were “just too good” for the Aussies, and one thing I realised from that, is that what makes us truly the number 1 team in the world, is how we can get ourselves out of hopeless situations and never give up, which is something OZ lacked in the 3rd test, and why we deserved to win this series.

It has been a series that’s had it all, shock performances, historic debuts, legends retiring, amazing fightbacks. Once again proving that two heavyweight countries MUST be given more than just a 3 match test series.

2nd ever series win in OZ. Undefeated in Tests in 2012. Number 1 test team in the WORLD. It really has been a year dominated by South African cricket, and I have been fortunate enough to witness it all unfold.

Matthew Nepgen



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