My top 5 Batsmen of the last 30 years

The blokes at SuperSport during the 2nd Test between Australia vs South Africa at Adelaide asked a question at lunch, and they wanted us to tweet in our top 5 batsmen of the last 30 years, and I did that, but obviously with only 140 characters I couldn’t really explain why, so I’ve decided to make this post where I can list the 5, and explain why I picked them.

5. Ricky Ponting

He might be struggling at the moment, but in his prime, I can’t think of many who were better, and with the added pressure of captaincy in past years, he still managed to chock up the runs time and time again.

4. Brian Lara

It’s a pity the world didn’t get to see more of Lara, he had a short Test career, but was a brilliant player that looked faultless when batting.

3. Jacques Kallis

Just that name on any team sheet makes it look 10 times better. A wonderful technician at the crease, and the fact that he makes my number 3 just for batting alone, when he can bowl as well, tells you what a deadly player he is.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Heading towards the end of his career, this man has done it all. Debuted at the slender age of 16, it was clear from the start he was something special, and with accolades like scoring 50 centuries, it’s no surprise that he is so high up on my list.

1. Sir Vivian Richards

A player I’ve seen only from highlights/documentaries of him, yet regardless of that, I can say with full confidence is by far the best batsman in the last 30 years. A player that struck fear into any bowler.  One that made batting look effortless, and dare I say, easy.

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