My look at the 2nd Test down under

Almost everyone seems to think that the 2nd Test between Australia and South Africa is going to end in a stale mate with it being in Adelaide and all. Now it might just be because I’m a huge Proteas fan, and really want us to win, but I feel that South Africa are going to set the record straight with a comprehensive victory over the Aussies.

After what happened in the first test, I think many people are getting a false perspective of the two teams and their performances. I don’t think we were that bad, and I don’t think Australia were all that good either, here’s my reasoning

People say our batsmen gave away their wickets cheaply, well we need to remember that the whole of day 2 was rained out, which caused a shift in the way we needed to play on day 3, we had to play much more attackingly which means more risky, and that resulted in us losing wickets that we wouldn’t have lost under normal circumstances.

There is also a lot of talk about how weak our bowlers were, and how the Aussie batsmen look too good for us. Let’s remember that these batsmen that did so well were all out off no balls, and if that wasn’t the case, we probably would of seen the innings take a completely different route than the one it did.

South Africa also made a crucial mistake in not picking a specialist spinner, and the fact we did that, was made even worse when JP Duminy got injured which left us with no-one really who could take the cherry and bowl a few solid, tight overs of spin.

Lastly I would like to add that the Proteas are a team filled with talent, everywhere you look we have a player in the top 10 for either their bowling or their batting, and how often can players like that possibly go two games in a row without pulling off something spectacular?

My Prediction for the 2nd Test:

SA to win comfortably, with Aussies at no point in the match looking like they could win it.

Matthew Nepgen




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