SA flag flying high in CLT20

With the semi-finals upon us, it gives me great pleasure in saying that both SA teams have advanced to this point, a feat I did expect from the Titans but by no means did I ever think the Lions would pull off.

Now this is more of a compliment to SA cricket than what people might think, because what it means is that the Titans with all the star players are better than other countries star players, and the Lions who have unknown players means our local talent that haven’t quite reached the heights of others are better than any other countries talent.

Look at Yorkshire for example; I would say that their team is most like the Lions as they too are a team full of local talent that others don’t know about. Difference between the two teams though is that Lions local talent is actually good enough to mix with the ‘big boys’ and actually come out with victories over the more recognized players which is a great sign for the future of SA cricket and our local talent.

I felt I had to make this post to let everyone know how ecstatic I am of our performance in the champions league T20, and the possibility of an all South African final is a mouth-watering prospect.

The only down side to the results of this tournament is that judging on the performances of the IPL teams, I can’t see India bringing this wonderful tournament back to SA anytime soon.

Matthew Nepgen



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