A well-oiled machine

South Africa kicked off their World T20 campaign with an emphatic win over fellow Africans Zimbabwe. The defeat was so severe that former Zimbabwean bowler Pommie Mbangwa described it as an obliteration.

The most impressive part of the whole match from a South African point of view, is how well we did in all aspects of the match. Our bowlers kept it tight yet were aggressive at the same time, our fielding was superb, and we didn’t lose one wicket batting as we chased down the runs.

Another pleasing aspect was that Levi made 50, and seemed to go out with the intent of batting himself into some form in that game, not playing as many risky and expansive shots as he usually does. Now if Levi finds some sort of form going into this tournament, it dramatically increases South Africa’s chances of finally winning a world cup as he is the type of player that will take the game away from the opposition in 30 to 40 balls.

From what I have observed so far in the early stages of the competition, SA look the most balanced side in the whole tournament, and look the least likely of having a match where everything goes wrong, as we seem to have a cover for each possible problem that we may encounter along the way. However don’t underestimate South Africa’s amazing ability to mess up what should be an easy victory, when it comes to the pressure of a knockout game in a world cup.

Matthew Nepgen



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