Do the Springboks have a realistic shot at winning the Rugby Championship?

Whenever I talk to people about the springboks, the same question always seems to get brought up, and that’s whether I think we will obtain the rugby championship or not. My answer leading into the championship was “I doubt it, New Zealand are too strong” but after seeing the performances of this past week, I’ve had a chance to examine the 4 teams, and have come to a conclusion that we actually might have a better shot at winning the Championship than what I first believed.

New Zealand travelled to Australia and although they came out with the victory, they never had that unbeatable look about them, in fact they looked very beatable, and them being the main reason I thought SA had no hopes in the tournament, there performance made me question that.

Australia were defeated by a less than impressive New Zealand team at home, which all but signals the end to their title hopes already. They aren’t performing at the same standard they were a year ago, and I can’t see them challenging for the title this year. I don’t see them taking the wooden spoon either as I feel that is reserved for Argentina.

Speaking of Argentina, they really had a disappointing introduction into the southern hemisphere competition with a resounding defeat by the hands of the South Africans, and while they kept SA from getting a 4 try bonus point, that was more from South Africa performing badly than them playing well.

Them we get to South Africa. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this game, as I thought that while we should beat the Argentines, the fact that they were playing in their first ever match in the competition might give them the added incentive to perform out of their socks and surprise a few people,  this never materialised however as South Africa outplayed them in all aspects of the game and will be very disappointed not to have picked up the 4 try bonus point.

So after soaking in all the happenings of the first round of the Rugby Championship, I predict that by the end of the tournament, the log will look like this…

Predicted Overall Log Standings:

  1. SA – only to lose to NZ in NZ but with a bonus point.
  2. NZ – only to lose to SA in SA but without a Bonus point
  3. Aus – losing both games against SA and NZ but beating Arg both times
  4. Arg – to lose every game they play.


Matthew Nepgen



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