They’re coming home

Team SA will be flying back home to SA very soon as the curtain closes on London 2012.

Yesterday Caster Semenya capped off our olympic games with a silver medal, and it’s weird, a silver medal is huge, yet it was the disappointment of the olympics for me. I truly expected her to get gold without much effort, and she could have if she upped her pace earlier, she knows this as she has released statements saying she made a mistake. I don’t hold any bitterness towards her or anything, a silver medal is still a big achievement, I just hope come Rio 2016 she learns from this and does one better in four years time.

So now as we go into the final day, we have cyclists and marathon runners competing, as unlikely as it is, I will watch and have hope that we can defy the odds, and leave London with one more medal added to our tally. 12 medals might be gone, but 3 GOLDS 2 silvers and 1 bronze, the most medals we’ve ever achieved post isolation is a great achievement and one to be proud of!

Its been a superbly run, enjoyable to watch, enthralling olympics games, and I for one will be sad to see it go.

Matthew Nepgen


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