Hotties of the Month: July – Madison Conradis & Christine Bell

After featuring April Rose last month we knew we were going to have to do something big to follow that, and we definitely did that this month, because for the very first time on SA Sports Blog we have two Hotties being featured, twins Madison & Christine!!



Madison: I work a lot and am going to school to obtain my MBA in Finance but when I get some spare time I love playing Sports, Working Out, Shooting Guns, Going out on the airboat, Bikram yoga, biking (off road because on road is boring!) and of course Acting and Modeling.

Christine: I just obtained my law degree, so my free time currently consists of studying for the bar, BUT when I do get free time, I enjoy playing sports and working out. I really love playing softball, volleyball (indoor or outdoor), golf, tennis, basketball, flag football, etc. For workouts, I’m obsessed with Bikram Yoga, Les Mills classes such as Body Pump, group boot camps (because I’m competetive and it pushes me), and the elliptical (so I can multitask). I also enjoy the beach, reading, acting and modeling, traveling, and anything I can do with my Pomeranian bestie, Bella.


Madison: Surrounding myself with respectful people, Animals (specifically dogs) and Banana pudding!

Christine: Chandeliers, the color pink, pomeranians and having the last word.


Madison: Close minded people, People driving slow in the fast lane, lying and Mean people

Christine: People that put other people down or step on others to succeed.


If there was only one sport you could do, as well as watch, what would it be?

Madison: Ahhh. That is a really hard question! I guess I will have to choose Basketball. I played both softball and basketball growing up and once I got to college decided to play softball. I think there are more opportunities for women in basketball and I love playing it!

Christine: That is really hard. There are sports that I prefer watching and sports that I prefer playing. If I could only choose one, I think it would be softball/baseball. I played softball my whole life so it’s the obvious choice.

photo 1

What are your earliest memories involving sport that you can remember? One good and one bad 🙂  

Madison: My earliest memories involving sports involve neighborhood sports. Christine and I were always outside playing with the neighborhood kids. We would play tag, basketball, Wiffleball, football, and more. We would always play with the boys (and get picked for teams by the boys) because we were good. One bad memory would have to be when I swung a metal bat at a metal pole (Hey it sounded like a good idea at the time!) and it just came right back just as fast as I swung it and hit me right in the face!

Christine: Some of my earliest memories of sports, before we were the badass sporty chicks, was wanting to do gymnastics and dance and getting picked on by Madison and some of the other neighborhood kids. I basically got peer pressured into playing tough sports like baseball and basketball because everyone made fun of me and called me a “girly girl”. Looking back, they did me a favor. I would have been an awful gymnast or cheerleader.


Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on? 😉

Madison: I mean, I don’t think it’s a secret but Derek Jeter! He’s hot, I love his work ethic, and he’s a philanthropist.

Christine: Two words. Tom Brady.

new twin pic1

What type of guys generally catch the attention of beautiful women like yourselves?

Madison: Guys that are genuinely nice and can make me laugh are my weakness.

Christine: The comedians. I like to laugh a lot.

nre twin pic 2

If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sportsman or sportswoman, who would it be, and why?

Madison: Can I pick Derek Jeter again? LOL. True story, My first photographer, Kevin Roberts, who I still shoot with and are friends with today shot with Derek Jeter for Sole collector Magazine once! When he told me that I immediately asked him why he didn’t “hire” me to be his assistant for the day! I was (and still am) so Jealous!

Christine: Probably Jenny Finch. I grew up and played sports in the era that she reigned as Queen. It wasn’t hot or attractive to be strong and good at sports, but Jenny Finch made being a beast hot.


A perfect date involving a sporting event/activity would be?

Madison: Anything involving me playing a sport or watching is a great date. Actually my dream proposal is at a baseball game. You know the ones where they put it up on the big screen. And when it happens I want to say “no” while shaking my head and look shocked that he even asked me…. THEN (if I really do want to marry him) say “Just Kidding, YES” once the screen pans off so the audience thinks I said no! He might not think its funny but I will think I am hilarious! 🙂

Christine: I can’t really beat that answer, Madison. I, too, would think you’re hilarious.


Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of SA Sports Blog?

Madison: Thanks for reading about us! To keep up with our modeling and acting ventures please keep in touch on our social media sites! 🙂

Christine: Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you SA Sports Blog for featuring us! Hit us up on twitter or instagram! We try to post lots of pictures and keep y’all updated with any of our films or projects we are working on!


Want to see more of Madison & Christine?


Madison: @maddeecee13

Christine: @xtinebell



Madison: @maddeecee13

Christine: @xtinebell



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