Australia tour to South Africa Preview


During Australia’s recent bad patch in cricket, where they couldn’t seem to even buy a win, I somewhat forgot why I used to hate them so much, and why I always wanted to see them lose. It wasn’t too long after they started to win again though, that the memories all came back to me. The fans were back to making crazy comments about how great they are, and the Aussie players were back to their false, and arrogant comments (this time being that they have the best bowling attack in the world). So suffice to say, now that the Aussies are back to their old selves… I can’t wait to see the Proteas demolish them in the upcoming tour.

The lead up to the tour is what really sparked excitement for the series. Australia destroyed England in the recent Ashes series, while SA only just made it out alive of a really tough Indian series. The question what does need to be asked though is, were Australia really that unbelievably good, or was it more that England were just extremely poor? I’d say it was probably a bit of both, but more just England being really poor (their upcoming series vs West Indies should tell us a lot).

One thing is for sure, the start of the tour will have a big impact on how the whole series plays out, because if Australia come here with all the confidence they have, and then head into the 1st test and put SA on the back foot straight away, that would really give them that extra belief that they are a team up there with the best of them again, and will make them a lot tougher to beat. However if SA get off to a good start, it would stop any kind of momentum that the Aussies might have had going in, and make each Aussie ask the same question, ‘were we really that good, or were England just really poor?’

Now it might be the optimistic Saffa in me, but I believe Australia might get a shock when they go up against SA and are all of a sudden on the back end of some world class bowling, excellent fielding, and intimidating batsmen (Something they haven’t had to deal with for a good while now seeing as England were none of those things). With the bowlers in the spotlight leading up to the series, I see a tough tour for both teams batsmen, so all 3 tests having a result is likely. In saying that I also do not think Australia are good enough to beat our test team, and that is why I am going with SA to win the series 3-0.

As for the T20’s, those could go either way, but looking at the players Australia have right now, I think they have all their bases covered the best out of any other side, and will have a really strong outfit for the world t20, so strong in fact that they are my tip to win the whole competition later on this year.

End of the day this is one of the most anticipated tours in recent times, everything leading up has panned out perfectly to add that extra bit of excitement to the feud, and an SA vs Aus series always produces great viewing, and I can’t see this series being any different.

Matthew Nepgen

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