Hottie of the Month: February – Kourtney Compton

Hard to believe we are already an entire month into 2014. Been keeping to your resolutions? Then checking out this months Hottie is a perfect way to reward yourself!

2014-01-19 16.11.38g

Hobbies:  Sporting Events, Hosting, Cooking, Cycling, Pilates, Kick boxing, Hiking,

Likes: Utah Utes, Horses, White lilies, Snuggling, Old movies

Dislikes: Negativity, Bad tippers, Guys who act like they know all about sports when they have no idea

KC 1

If there was only one sport you could do, as well as watch, what would it be?

Football is definitely my favorite sport but I think racing Formula One would be so awesome.

KC 2

What are the earliest memories of experiences involving sport that you can remember?

Good- In high school I was really strong at track and cross country. I was also a cheerleader and that is when I realized I was way more into it then any of the other girls. That is when I realized I had a knack for sports.

Bad- Any experience I have ever had with a ball.

KC 8

Which professional athlete do you have a secret crush on?

Tom Danielson


What type of guys generally catch the attention of a beautiful woman like yourself?

I like someone who is genuine and has a lot of ambition. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if he can make me laugh. Also, must love sports that’s a deal breaker.

KC JW b1

If you had to do a photoshoot with any professional sports man or sports woman, who would it be and why?

Erin Andrews, of course she is stunning and has my dream job but I love the way she stood up for herself in the face of adversity.


A perfect date involving a sporting event/activity would be?

Well, if we are being perfect then definitely sideline at a Superbowl Game. Just kidding! I enjoy going to them all whether it be football, basketball, hockey or baseball games.

KC R 1

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of SA Sports Blog?

Thank you for selecting me. My ambition is to become a sports broadcaster upon graduation in the Spring. I love that I am able to combine my love of modeling and sports into one!

KC Ar 4

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