Kallis reflects back on debut double-century ahead of India test match

1st One Day International: South Africa v Pakistan

The Proteas are gearing up for a tough five-day test when they take on their Indian counterparts this week in Johannesburg.  Speaking as part of the Powerade Power Through broadcast campaign, the golden boy of SA cricket and stellar all-rounder, Jacques Kallis, reflects on his debut double century in what many fans are hoping will be a premonition for his performance at The Wanderers.

Being at the top of your sporting game means more than just excellence on the field; mental preparation and perseverance are as critical, just ask any Proteas player.  There is no better example of this than Kallis, who, despite holding the accolade of being the player to score the most test runs before triumphing over the elusive double century, has proven beyond any doubt his versatility and mental steadfastness time and time again.  It was only after 143 matches and a mammoth 242 innings’ that Kallis was able to finally join the double century club, creating a moment of history that is truly reserved for only the best cricket players in the world.  This moment was not a moment of simply sheer cricketing brilliance, but rather a culmination of Kallis’ relentless ambition and mental resoluteness.

“In test cricket, its all about routine,” says Kallis.  “It’s natural to let your mind wander between balls or over the lunch break, but when you step over that rope back into the field of play, you have to rely on routine to push you through those critical moments.”

While Kallis remains somewhat coy and humbled by his double-tonner against India back in 2010, there’s little doubt that South African cricket fans will be watching with anticipation to see if he can repeat the performance to lead him to another epic innings.  Even Protea Performance Director Paddy Upton has compared Kallis’ form to that of renowned two-minute-miler Roger Bannister, citing Kallis’ first double century as a watershed moment that would naturally give way to a second soon after.  And it did, when Kallis went on to score his second double century against Sri Lanka in the 2011-2012 season.

Catch Paddy Upton and key Protea team members recount some of the greatest moments of mental agility over recent Proteas one day and test series performances.  The highlights packages form part of the Powerade Power Through campaign, and will be broadcast throughout the upcoming India series, reliving the best of South African cricket and proving undoubtedly that the ability to power through moments of doubt with unwavering grit is what sets the history makers apart from the great players.


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