Sports Sheds: Essential In The Home Of Any Sports Lover


The stadium just can’t compete with the sports shed.
The stadium just can’t compete with the sports shed.

So you love sport. You can’t see in your house for all the sports memorabilia you’ve got lying around in your house: vuvuzelas from 2010, inflatable fingers, signed shirts, footballs, rugby balls, replica trophies… you get the idea now I think.

You’ve always wanted to have a part of your house that is dedicated to sports; somewhere where you can watch every game in comfort and proudly display your sporting relics of a bygone era. Unless you’ve got a cavernous basement to hand, or a completely empty and large spare room to hand, you should consider creating your sports shrine in your garden shed.

Sports Shed?

It does sound a little unconvincing at first, sure. But think about it: you can fit so much more into a shed than you can in a room in your house with an unchangeable size and shape. You can make as much noise as you want and leave as much mess as you want because you’re not in the house, so your wife/ girlfriend/ housemate/ husband can’t nag you or complain about it. You can have everything you need and more in your sports shed, creating an amazing environment for cheering on your team. You can make it so appealing that you’ll always have your friends wanting to come round to the sports shed. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this:

  • Using an underground trench, extend your internet connection and TV cables across your garden and into your shed.
  • Bring in some comfourtable sofas.
  • Provided you have a large enough shed, find some games for half time. Dart boards, table football and a pool table will always go down well.
  • Set up a bar in your shed, with working fridges and beer pumps, because sometimes you just need a beer with the match.
  • Decorate the interior with all of your sports memorabilia and anything else that fits the mood you want your sports shed to reflect.
  • Get some speakers into your shed. Surround sound will be the next closest thing to being in the stadium for the game.

Who wouldn’t want a sports shed?

Just picture that. Can you honestly say you have no interest in a shed where you can have people round in a comfourtable environment watching all the biggest games? You would have an opportunity to show off your sports collection, could serve your friends a cold drink on arrival and you can even entertain them before kick off, during half time and once the match is finished. Every self respecting sports fan really should have a sports shed of their own! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

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