Disappointed sports fan, something I am far too often.

It’s an early Saturday morning as I write this, and what got me onto this topic was today I decided to redo my twitter bio, and while I put down in the 160 characters available, the teams that I support, it dawned on me that when it comes to being a happy sports fan, I support the absolute worst teams… Now before I continue, I am not bashing these teams, I support them afterall, but facts are facts, and here’s what I am talking about.

Southern/EP Kings: Always getting kicked out of something, or falling just short of what needs to be done. Two things come to mind, beating the Lions away, after losing their home game the week before and crashing out of Super Rugby, and EP Kings drawing with the Pumas away only to lose at home and fail to gain promotion to the Currie Cup Premier division.

Chevrolet Warriors: A team that every year gets my hopes up in some way, shape, or form, only to disappoint me again, and again when it matters. Perfect example is when they faced the Eagles in a semi-final clash in the pro 20. Posting 98, I had accepted their fate, until they went on to somehow tie the game, give me hope again, only to lose in the super over…

Arsenal: They never win anything. No example, just look at how long it’s been since they gave their fans anything to celebrate about.

Now I think we can all agree that, that is bad enough, but let’s not forget I am South African, which means I support the Proteas, and there is not a sports team on this planet that can come close to the disappointment you will face being a Proteas supporter.

Sorry for the rant, glad to get it off my chest though, and remember, this isn’t me trying to bash these teams, I have and always will support them, and be one of their biggest fans… no matter how many times they let me down.



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