Manchester United: New Era, New Management and what to make of it.

David van der Merwe writes about the new era for Manchester United, and what to make of it.


Manchester United has gone through some rough times in their history. After the plane crash they nearly closed the club, but Matt Busby and Jimmy Murphy made sure the club went on. “Busby’s Babes” as they were known made sure the club became known for fighting back.

After Busby there were several managers before the club settled and Alex Ferguson took over as the manager in 1986. This was around the time I started watching football. I supported Manchester United because my Grandfather insisted I support Liverpool. Not a bad choice I made. Looking back over the last 27 seasons and how Sir Alex transformed the club it is unthinkable that they will regain that greatness under anybody else.

13 League Titles
5 FA Cup Titles
4 League Cups
10 Community Shields (1 shared)
2 UEFA Champions League titles
1 UEFA Super Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
1 FIFA Club World Cup

Included in the 37 titles are 6 doubles and a treble. Not an easy act to follow.

I was shocked when Sir Alex announced his retirement, but even more so when David Moyes got appointed as his successor. Then I had a look at David Moyes.

Although he does not have the impressive record of Sir Alex when it comes to titles, Moyes made a difference to Everton over the 11 years he managed the club. He took them from being a regular bottom of the log side to one that has not finished outside the top 10 for some time. Doing that on half the budget that most clubs have is a feat in itself.

The fact that he is not signing to many new names says a lot as well. To get a new manager after 27 years is a shock to any club. To change the players around to much would just impact further on the club and the team’s performance. Many will say he is going to ride on the success of Sir Alex. Well I disagree. Moyes is trying to keep as much consistency in his first season as possible.

He will slowly start to bring is own brand into the club and then the players will change as well. It will happen over time and might just be the key to his success. Manchester United is one of the few clubs that think long term rather than just the here and now. It is not everyday a club employs a manager for more than 4 years, not to mention 27. Moyes is a manager that stays for long periods of time. He has shown that in his 11 year stint with Everton.

Give him two to three seasons ans then we should see the real David Moyes come to the fore at Manchester United. That it will be a difficult couple of seasons going forward is certain, but once again the club, the supporters and the players will show that they are not to be taken lightly. They will not go down without a fight.


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