Sport & Twitter – A match made in heaven

On 9 June 2012 I started a twitter account, mainly for updates on sport and general tweets from players themselves, and what transpired from that proved to be a wonderful thing.

Being able to talk to people during a sports match with the same interest in it, and hearing their opinions on it, having some fun banter, and maybe even chatting with a sports star makes watching a match that much more exciting as you can not only watch, but talk about what you’re seeing as well.

The ability to voice your opinion on sport and to let your view be known, whether to 10 or thousands of people on twitter is nice, and it’s a great way to vent your frustrations if your team is performing badly as well.

Another thing is that while you tweet your opinions on a game, you  have a chance of having your tweet come on tv as many stations show a few fans tweets about what they think of the match, and I being fortunate enough to have numerous tweets appear on t v, know that it’s definitely  a wonderful feeling, whether it be purely luck that your tweets go on, or if they actually choose some that they think are good, it’s still a nice thing when you see your tweet on the television screen for all to see.

So to me the introduction of the social media platform to the sporting community was a great moment, and I certainly can’t imagine going back to watching sport without twitter by my side like I had before.

Matthew Nepgen



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