Gold, silver, bronze, it doesn’t matter. We don’t discriminate, in South Africa!

Chad le Clos came out in the 100m butterfly with the goal to get one over the greatest olympian in the world, for the 2nd time.

The race was very similar, off the blocks slowly was le Clos, but gained pace as the race went on, but with a whole 100m less to catch Michael Phelps, it made it very difficult and while he gave it everything he had, he just didn’t quite have enough time to pull off another miraculous come from behind victory like he did in the 200m fly.

He did however manage to get a spot on the podium (tied 2nd) and even though he didn’t leave with GOLD, it was still an amazing achievement to get a silver and bring South Africa’s tally to four.

Now with the three golds achieved before the race, we as South Africans might of been a little disappointed with silver, but if you think back to the start of the olympics, before we had any golds, we would have been ecstatic with a silver!

So another medal for SA, this time silver, but hey, we don’t discriminate in SA, we just want 12 medals in all.

Matthew Nepgen


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